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Herbal Breath is a center for knowledge enrichment in reduction of smoking damages and environmental pollution. We will acknowledge the fact that you are smokers and from that point, we’ll start the journey towards improving the existing situation. You don’t have to pack anything or bring any change for this journey, just awareness and willingness to change the existing situation.

Be aware and acknowledge as long as I smoke there is a “price” to pay, there are steps out of the comfort zone to do, and smoking is a need not a joy. Remember our health is more than just “our” health keep in mind the impact of YOUR health on your loved ones, how will provide and support them?

Our life code is very simple. First step is awareness. Commit to yourself as long as you smoke, you must balance your health by getting new healthy habits.

Yes. Positively saying anyone can improve his or her health if he or she wants. Active smoker can easily improve their health by some simple steps…See our videos.

Yes. Nothing is impossible. One think remember that impossible says I’m possible…

Well, it’s a journey, not a destination. I have prepared a 5steps plan- from six feet under to ground level in 5 steps. Please review and let me know your thoughts.

We need measurable KPI’s to guide us throw our long journey. We need those KPI’s to show that Herbal Breath is your ticket out from the mess you are in, to a better health and therefore a better future. Our focused KPIs are indicators that every smoker should now.

We’re here for you. Let us know your thoughts. So we can help you more specifically.

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we’re here for you. Let us know your thoughts. So we can help you more specifically.

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