Versatile wonder seed Nigella Sativa

Just imagine! Black seeds Nigella Sativa can help you to get a long breath of life. Do not visit another page now. Just Imagine! You’re here to get the secrets of Nigella Sativa the black drug. No you can’t go. That’s why you are reading it.

Let’s make your read a little worthwhile by providing you with the fringe benefits of this versatile wonder seed that are enjoyed all around the globe.

Brace yourselves to embark on the perky rollercoaster of this wonder seed!

Evanesco       Respiratory Problems

The great vanishing spell ‘evanesco’ that we learned by our very own Harry Potter was already known to Nigella sativa when it dueled with respiratory issues and guarded the code of honor. Both animal studies and human studies present clear evidences regarding the anti-asthmatic activity of Nigella sativa and relieving its symptoms.

Black cumin seeds Nigella Sativa protect Respiratory system

A report was published in 2013 where 80 asthmatic patients were taken under observation. Half of the subjects were administered with the black seed oil while the other half received a placebo of olive oil. After a period of 4 weeks, vivid results satisfied the researchers with the fact that the former half of the asthmatic patients manifested improved performance of the test. Many of them were able to reduce their dependence on rescue inhalers and other medical interventions.
Other studies included the use of boiled extract of Nigella and clear dilatation of bronchioles was seen that alleviated the symptoms of asthma.

Asthma is a result of chronic airway inflammation that is attributed to excessive interaction of inflammatory mediators and cells. The goal of treatment guidelines for asthma is to curtail the symptoms and reduce the risk of further exacerbation of the disease.

The active constituents like thymoquinone, nigellone and α-hederin exhibit anti-inflammatory, broncho-dilatory (bronchioles relaxant) and anti-histaminic effect that makes N.sativa a perfect efficacious fit against asthma.

It is helpful in early and late prevention of pulmonary fibrosis by reducing the count of inflammatory cells in bronchial lavage fluid and decreasing the contractions of smooth muscles found in trachea.

Further, it also treats cold, chronic cough, sinusitis, hay fever and other disorders that account for both upper and lower respiratory issues.

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