Five Steps to get healthy breath for life

From six feet under to ground level in 5 steps

Can an Active smoker be a healthy person?

YES, he/she can.

Is an active smoker more likely to get sick?

YES, he/she is deep in the “Risk Zone”.

So how can an active smoker be a healthy person?

By following these 5 not easy steps 🙁 if you think it will be easier to quit smoking than obviously it’s the better choice, but until then – this is the recommended way).

Five Steps

1st step: Awareness- be aware to the fact that you are an active Smoker. Come to an understanding with yourself that if you are actively smoking (or a resident in a polluted place) there are self-sacrifices to do in return, new good habits to acquire.

2nd step: Lie to the whole world if you must but never lie to yourself. Smoking damage reduction IS not a magic peal; the peal is a part of the magic that begins with your awareness.

3rd step: Reduction- We need to think of smoking as a NEED. We enjoy smoking but we will be happy to wake up tomorrow morning with no need or to be satisfied with 2/3 a day.

4. Daily diet: food first and main objective is to support our body survivals. We are “designed” to chase food around and not to obese ourselves. We tend to take every meal as an opportunity to a celebration we are so focused on the “make up” of the food than on the food itself. We are NOT celebrating 3 times a day and we should not “celebrate” our meals 3 times a day

 5.  The S word I am not going to say you must do the S word – you should get to that conclusion by yourself hopefully soon. However, I am going to advise you to get your blood running by stretching your bones and muscles and by abdominal breathing, and no I’m not going to say the “M” word there is a logical explanation way abdominal breathing and stretching are good for us.

Smoking damage reduction is a journey not a destination. (Inspired by Aerosmith)

As long as we are active smokers or exposed to pollution, we have to support our body with as many resources to heal itself – we have to support our immune system to protect us for short and long term damage.


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