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Quit or Die, Black or White

The world we live in is nothing but black and white – The only B&W in life is the beginning and the end. all the rest are scale of grey. We will acknowledge the fact

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benefits of Black seeds-Nigella Sativa

An ancient seed for contemporary days- benefits- Black seeds-a hot commodity that is being used for 2000 years. Its discovery in the tomb of King Tut accentuates its medieval importance for medicinal purposes. Its plant

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Versatile wonder seed Nigella Sativa

Just imagine! Black seeds Nigella Sativa can help you to get a long breath of life. Do not visit another page now. Just Imagine! You’re here to get the secrets of Nigella Sativa the black

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Astragalus prestigious plant

This prestigious plant has been used for millennia and is truly loved by the Chinese traditional medicine system. Belonging to the Fabaceae family, this genus is comprised of around two thousand species that are equally

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The Dynamic Trio- smoking- how to quit?

Smoking– is a way of managing stress but not a long-term encouraging solution. Around one billion people are smokers. Smoking not only weakens your immune system but also makes it harder for your heart, sugar

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The little Greek warrior: Fenugreek

So, you would like to know more about the health care act by nixing your usual synthetic products. That’s great- but what next? Encountering a mountain of facts and figures and slopes of misleading information

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Foods to boost the immune system

Research literature declares Nigella Sativa especially its active constituent thymoquinone to be extremely potent in inhibiting the formation of leukotriene and histamine (an inflammatory mediator that initiates and aggravates asthma) and has a prophylactic effect

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